DJ Shing (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

DJ Shing

Amsterdam, Netherlands
I met the Brazilian Zouk dance in 2002 in Netherland. This dance is very sensual, but it is the music which I fell in love with.
In 2005 I started as one of the first few DJ’s in Netherland, just for fun of course! And since 2010 my passion starts to expand to abroad and overseas, like Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Croatia, The USA and Canada.
As a DJ I witness the development of zouk music: from zouk, ghettozouk and kizomba to remixes, alternatives and pop songs.
I hope to share my passion with others. I love to have different sets of playing, surprises and a good mixture of all styles!
DJ Vera (Warsaw, Poland)

DJ Vera

Warsaw, Poland
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as a dancer she was initially connected to the polish salsa scene.
Happily since two years she is totally in love with zouk. Trained in Poland as well as abroad, she travels for congresses and participates in almost every zouk party taken place in Warsaw.
She's a dancer, an instructor and recently also a DJ at zouk parties in Warsaw. She played at the international congresses like Zouk Libre Festival and Valentine Dance Festival in Berlin. She loves to explore the music that perfectly suits the atmosphere of zouk.
In her sets you will find the influence of R'n'B and lyrical arrangements of well-known songs.
DJ Fredy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

DJ Fredy

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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DJ Freddy
DJ Viking (Oslo, Norway)

DJ Viking

Oslo, Norway
DJ Viking
DJ Kron (Brno, Czech Republic)

DJ Kron

Brno, Czech Republic
DJ Kron
DJ Brandon (Prague, Czech Republic)

DJ Brandon

Prague, Czech Republic
My whole life is connected with music, not only by playing instrument since my childhood but I always loved listening all sort of music and collecting it. And somehow it happends that I was given the opportunity to use my joy and taste of music to make people on the dancefloor happy. I am trying to learn something new on every event, adapt the music and mood I am playing to the dancers of different communities and countries.
I am playing mostly on events in Brno, my hometown and I am also heading to play to Poland, Romania, Croatia and Prague and others. If I should speak about my prefered style and mood of music, it would be beatless songs, chill and soft. So my favourite time of playing is in the morning or whenever the mood is more relaxed and smooth and cosy. I try to feel the people on the dance floor and provide them fluent energy and satisfy their current dancing mood. I also try to challenge their musicality by expressing music that is not so usual and traditional zouk music.